Simplified IT


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Lisa Earl, Process Leader, Financial Management and Reporting, St. Vincent Heart Center of Indiana, sees INSIGHTS as a "one-stop" IT solution that's simple to implement and easy for users to master.


Software as a Service

An INSIGHTS software delivery option, Healthcare INSIGHTS Cloud™ is a hosted environment maintained and optimized at the secure HCI data center, with access via a browser and web link from any secure high-speed connection. Healthcare INSIGHTS Cloud is an appropriate configuration for organizations that seek the convenience of collaborative, offsite access and the added advantage of freeing up valuable in-house IT team resources.
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Success Stories

Financial executives at dozens of leading hospitals and healthcare organizations have experienced dramatic success with INSIGHTS.

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Through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment, Healthcare Insights, LLC has achieved Gold Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network.

Simplified IT

With the government mandating and monitoring Healthcare Information Technology (HITECH) upgrades, IT infrastructure has become a critical component of care delivery for healthcare facilities. Yet overburdened hospital IT departments face far more demands than they have resources. Enabling a secure, accurate, accessible platform that supports core financial planning, budgeting, monitoring, and reporting is one of them.


INSIGHTS is a cost-effective, integrated, best-practice financial management software solution that actually enables healthcare organizations to simplify IT management operations and take the pressure off IT infrastructure.


Advantages of INSIGHTS®

INSIGHTS requires only a broadband connection to the client's intranet to install and support. Available in both an ASP and a traditional client-server model, it uses an SQL Server database and deploys the most current Microsoft .Net 3.5 tools—including "smart client" technology, simple point-and-click functionality, and Click Once install.


Doesn't overburden the IT department. No additional staff or dedicated database administrator is required.


Fully supported design, installation, and implementation by an experienced INSIGHTS project team assures a smooth start, minimal IT department involvement, and fast adoption. INSIGHTS is fully functional in weeks rather than months.


Secure Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery option eliminates or drastically reduces the upfront commitment and ongoing deployment of IT resources. It delivers INSIGHTS services anywhere via a high-speed Internet connection and a web browser without a big, up-front decision-support software investment that is expensive to install and maintain.


Regular, scheduled, free updates and best-of-breed functional enhancements are available automatically.


Provides enhanced security—from implementation forward, the task of administering and controlling connections and managing and tracking access is simple, secure, and certain.


Hospital-wide performance improvement

In addition to helping IT directors deploy critical resources efficiently, while making it easier and more intuitive for the entire staff to access the information they need, INSIGHTS empowers performance improvements all across the enterprise:


Strategic Planning — Hospital leaders can plan more accurately and better align daily performance with critical strategic goals. Learn how


Operational Efficiency — Frontline staff can respond more nimbly to control costs and optimize productivity. Learn how


Financial Management — Financial executives can budget faster and more accurately and improve daily decision-making. Learn how