Operational Efficiency


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Bernadette Coffman, Administrative Director, Business Intelligence and Operations Improvement, Edward Hospital, sees significant advantage in using INSIGHTS to quickly identify areas that need improvement and uncover ways to reduce costs.


Feedback from the Front Lines

"Investment each month in INSIGHTS definitely is exceeded by the savings in time, work, and stress level. We are getting our value out of it every day and, as we expand our usage of its other functions, we will get even more value from it. I honestly don't think we could live without INSIGHTS now!"

—Stephanie Brenden, CFO, Columbia Memorial Hospital


Success Stories

Financial executives at dozens of leading hospitals and healthcare organizations have experienced dramatic success with INSIGHTS.

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Operational Efficiency

Inefficiencies and redundancies strain limited staff resources at hospitals, drain operating funds, allow problems to go undetected, and impede leadership's ability to set long-term goals.


But the immense volume of clinical, financial, administrative, and demographic information required for daily operation—not to mention the sheer number of people responsible for day-to-day operations—makes optimum use of resources and cost control a major challenge.


Advantages of INSIGHTS®

INSIGHTS features advanced functions for monitoring finances and managing every resource. It gives everyone across the enterprise the ability to capture, organize, extract, analyze, share, and use data more efficiently and effectively.


Fresher data means frontline managers can access and monitor financial metrics as soon as they are loaded and better manage expenses within the context of volume and other changes.


Advanced interactivity allows managers to engage in deeper analysis of performance, fix problems rather than just report on them, and connect fiscal responsibility to individual actions.


Improved analytics reporting delays and redundancies are eliminated, so costly problems no longer go undetected and unaddressed.


Micro-level data all the way down to the individual employee level enables managers to optimize labor productivity and bring labor allocation and expenditures in line with goals; patient-level detail leads to precise revenue analysis, improved quality, and greater operating efficiencies.


Hospital-wide performance improvement

In addition to helping managers and frontline staff optimize productivity, allocate resources efficiently, and control operational costs, INSIGHTS empowers performance improvements all across the enterprise:


Strategic Planning — Hospital leaders can plan more accurately and better align daily performance with critical strategic goals. Learn how


Financial Management — Financial executives can budget faster and more accurately and improve daily decision-making. Learn how


Simplified IT — IT directors can optimize resources because INSIGHTS is easy to implement and works seamlessly with existing systems. Learn how