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Healthcare INSIGHTS® Named KLAS #1 Budgeting Software Three Years in a Row

Healthcare financial management software solution again named the top-rated choice.


Libertyville, IL, January 31, 2014 — For the third consecutive year, Healthcare Insights, LLC (HCI), a leading provider of financial management and decision-support solutions for the healthcare industry, has earned a top ranking in the Best in KLAS Awards: Software and Services. For 2013, HCI’s INSIGHTS® software application again ranked #1 in the Market Segment Category: Budgeting.


KLAS compiles its annual report of the best-performing healthcare information technology (HIT) vendors based on more than 18,000 candid interviews with healthcare providers. KLAS uses this feedback to independently monitor and measure HIT vendor performance in the areas of product quality, implementation, and service and support. The coveted "Best in KLAS" designation distinguishes the top-rated vendors in key market categories who deliver exceptional performance and leadership in meeting customer expectations.


Receiving the Best in KLAS award three years in a row is a significant accomplishment for HCI. Since INSIGHTS was first recognized in 2011, the field of healthcare financial management and analytics has grown exponentially and so has market competition.


“Of necessity, hospitals today generate a tremendous volume and variety of clinical, financial, administrative, and demographic data,” said Steven Berger, HCI president. “This data explosion is the result of both technological advances in the industry and intensifying pressure from the public, insurance companies, and the government to control the costs associated with delivering efficient, value-driven patient services. But without timely access and accurate analysis, hospitals simply can’t turn all that data into actionable information.”


As hospitals of all types and sizes seek better ways to make data-driven decisions and improve efficiency, they face an increasingly daunting array of HIT solutions from which to choose, Berger noted. The KLAS rankings are designed to “help them narrow their choices and select the vendors that truly deliver on their promises.”


Currently in use at hundreds of hospitals nationwide, INSIGHTS integrates micro-level financial and operational data in real time from across the enterprise into an understandable, interactive language with intelligent analytics already built in. For budgeting, it manages all tasks using a single, familiar, easy interface and a faster, simpler process that automates budget workflow. In addition, hospitals can use INSIGHTS to seamlessly integrate financial planning with budgeting by exporting the organization's long-term financial plan directly into the working budget. “We are extremely proud that INSIGHTS has earned top KLAS honors not once, but three years in a row, during one of the most competitive chapters in our industry’s history,” said Berger. ”We believe this accomplishment demonstrates the satisfaction and success healthcare providers experience with INSIGHTS and confirms our commitment to providing superior functionality with industry-leading customer training and support.”


About KLAS

KLAS is a research firm specializing in monitoring and reporting the performance of healthcare vendors. KLAS' mission is to improve delivery by independently measuring vendor performance for the benefit of its healthcare provider partners, consultants, investors, and vendors. Working together with executives from more than 4,500 hospitals and 3,000+ doctor's offices and clinics, KLAS gathers data on and measures the performance of software, services, and infrastructure systems. KLAS delivers timely reports, trends, and statistics that provide a solid overview of vendor performance in the industry. For more information, go to


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Healthcare Insights LLC provides intelligent decision support and management accountability software for the healthcare industry, as well as educational training and business application consulting services. The company's proprietary technology, INSIGHTS, allows small to large healthcare organizations to easily define, establish, and monitor financial and non-financial goals. Corporate headquarters are located in Libertyville, Illinois. Healthcare Insights is accessible via the Internet at


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