Financial Management


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John Lepley, VP of Finance, Mercy Medical Center, knows INSIGHTS gives managers fast, easy access to the data they need to monitor finances and manage performance on a more timely basis.


Feedback from the Front Lines

"Fiscal responsibility takes a lot of managers with clinical backgrounds beyond the comfort zone of delivering patient care to the business behind it—accounting principals, accruals, how a flex budget works, the difference between variable and fixed expenses. INSIGHTS makes it accessible and understandable. You can open the INSIGHTS screens and show them exactly what these things mean. And the ability to see it almost instantly on the screen makes the understanding stick."

—James Taylor, Director of Financial Planning and Reporting, BSA Health System


Success Stories

Financial executives at dozens of leading hospitals and healthcare organizations have experienced dramatic success with INSIGHTS.

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Financial Management

For hospitals and healthcare institutions, financial health depends on making sure budgets, resource allocations, staffing plans, and daily operations align with both reality and strategy.


But without a clear picture of current conditions and all the factors affecting performance, costly issues can go unaddressed and fiscal responsibility can't be connected to individual actions.


Advantages of INSIGHTS®

Financial executives who use INSIGHTS® can rely on comprehensive data and analytics—rather than anecdotal evidence or assumptions—to drive decision-making and link daily operations directly to the budget.


Access general ledger data on the desktop and enable everyone from frontline staff to C-level executives to find and act on critical information.


Accelerate budget workflow and manage all the myriad budgeting tasks using a single, familiar, easy interface and a faster, simpler, paperless process.


Deploy automated alerts and analytic tools so managers can be held accountable and problems don't persist or go unaddressed indefinitely.


Create scorecards and benchmark against the industry's top 11 financial performance indicators collected annually by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), including Standard & Poor's, INGENIX, Fitch, Thomson, Data Advantage, and Premier.


Hospital-wide performance improvement

In addition to helping financial executives budget more accurately and make better decisions on a daily basis, INSIGHTS empowers performance improvements all across the enterprise:


Strategic Planning — Hospital leaders can plan more accurately and better align daily performance with critical strategic goals. Learn how


Operational Efficiency — Frontline staff can respond more nimbly to control costs and optimize productivity. Learn how


Simplified IT — IT directors can optimize resources because INSIGHTS is easy to implement and works seamlessly with existing systems. Learn how