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About Ingalls Health System

Ingalls Health System serves the South Suburbs of Chicago at a 564-bed hospital, four family-care centers, an outpatient rehabilitation facility, and a wellness center.


Report Card on Reporting

Every staff member, from the C-suite to the frontline, needs basic financial reports that are both easy to use and understand. INSIGHTS’ flexible reporting function rapidly delivers relevant data across the enterprise, in a common language and intuitive format that encourages everyone to use information to improve performance. With INSIGHTS, hospitals can report and analyze a tremendous depth and breadth of information—from labor statistics to accounts payable all the way down to the individual patient level—without requiring multiple log-ins, so anyone can quickly determine what is happening, where, when, and why.

At Ingalls Health System, inefficiency and duplicated effort were draining operating funds and straining staff resources. Managers couldn’t access historical data fast enough, drill-down far enough, or clearly understand the information they needed in order to do their jobs more efficiently. With INSIGHTS’ accurate, paperless, on-time reports, decision-support analysis could be done in minutes, so everyone with fiscal responsibility was armed with the data to confidently make financially driven decisions faster.


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INSIGHTS has been ranked #1 Budgeting Software for 2011, 2012, and 2013 by KLAS Enterprises, LLC, Best in KLAS Awards.


MD Buyline’s User Satisfaction Report rates INSIGHTS highest in Product Integration and Training.



Through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment, Healthcare Insights, LLC has achieved Gold Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network.

Ingalls Health System - Improved Healthcare Productivity

Ingalls was experiencing financial difficulties and working with a turnaround firm to regain and then maintain healthcare productivity. The finance team was challenged to step up financial monitoring and respond more nimbly to changing conditions.



At the time, the hospital's financial management system couldn't deliver data fast enough, nor could it give managers the hospital metrics they needed to constantly monitor, manage, and modify what happened in their departments. Inefficiency and duplicated effort were inherent in the system, draining operating funds and straining staff resources even further. Reporting delays and redundancies made it possible for costly problems to go undetected for long periods of time.


What the hospital needed

Interactive tools and resources that facilitate access to information, track hospital metrics, and empower staff to meet hospital productivity and performance goals consistently over the long term—complete hospital decision support.


What Healthcare Insights provided

A sophisticated, yet simple-to-use, hospital decision support software and service suite that delivers automated, desktop access and features advanced functions for monitoring and analyzing data in real time, taking corrective action quickly, and correlating actual daily performance with strategic goals.


Some of the results

Access to data — Frontline managers could access real-time hospital metrics as soon as they are loaded. Completed healthcare productivity reports were available almost as soon as payroll closed—no more waiting for monthly financials. Fresher data allowed faster response and more immediate impact on productivity and the bottom line.


Controlling costs — Advanced interactivity allowed managers to engage in deeper analysis of performance and fix things rather than just report on them. Costs could be controlled in real time, so hospital budgeting problems didn’t persist or go unaddressed indefinitely.


Performance improvement — After installing INSIGHTS, Ingalls hit budget every year and was successful at meeting all healthcare productivity targets.


Watch video — Healthcare executives talk about the benefits of having the data they need in one common language, in one system, on their desktops to budget faster, quickly correct variances, analyze and share data, increase accountability, and make better, evidence-based decisions every day.


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