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Edward Hospital & Health Services is a full-service, regional healthcare provider in the western suburbs of Chicago with two main campuses in Naperville and Plainfield, plus outpatient facilities and physician office locations throughout the region.


Laboring the Point

Labor expense typically exceeds 50 percent of a healthcare system’s annual budget, so hospitals and health systems have always known how critical it can be to control labor costs. However, in today’s environment of declining reimbursement and increased regulation, ensuring the workforce is as efficient as possible has become more important than ever. Extensive new federal and state legislation requires healthcare organizations to account for how their workforce is utilized and identify where there might be opportunities for improvements.

To that end, healthcare organizations, like Edward, have turned to more advanced labor productivity tools to gain access to the data they need to make workforce decisions that can protect both clinical quality and financial integrity. INSIGHTS enabled the suburban Chicago health system to match actual labor costs with standard costs on a periodic basis, better understand the factors responsible for variances, see exactly how well labor is being managed in relation to organizational objectives, and take appropriate action.


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Edward Hospital – Bringing Labor Expenditures in Line with Goals

Edward Hospital & Health Services—an integrated health system in suburban Chicago—faced a critical need to more effectively manage its workforce and labor costs. But without deeper data, fast and clear analysis, and straightforward reporting, they couldn’t uncover root issues, take corrective action, and maximize labor spend.



Finance completed monthly productivity analysis by department, but there were no adequate standards or controls in place and the process was extremely time consuming. Ultimately the analysis—and its ability to help the organization control labor expenses—was limited by the way captured data was retrieved and assessed, making it difficult to draw insightful conclusions beyond the macro, departmental level and make difficult decisions about how to best allocate the workforce.


What the hospital needed

A tool that brings together micro-level data related to labor from across the organization, automates data analysis, and provides an effective reporting format that improves productivity measurement and follow-up and enhances understanding and accountability.


What Healthcare Insights provided

An advanced labor productivity software solution that gave the organization the ability to monitor, manage, and report on labor productivity, on a periodic and timely basis. It more accurately forecast staffing needs compared with projected volumes and optimized the number of worked and paid hours in relation to the units of service produced. In addition, it accurately calculated—and helped control—the cost of those hours and corresponding costs.


Some of the results

Faster Data Access — With INSIGHTS, the process of extracting productivity data took only two hours per pay period. When the payroll period ended, the data was interfaced with INSIGHTS and immediately processed against more than 70,000 rules designed to trigger and push automatic alerts to the appropriate managers (and their bosses) on overtime, use of agency personnel, and distribution of differential pay.


Increased accountability — Departmental managers could review the details of alerts with a single click and quickly respond by entering explanatory notes that clarified why the issue arose and what corrective actions they planned to take. The alerts made variances much more difficult to ignore and kept managers more focused on financial responsibility and more in line with enterprise goals.


Enhanced quality of data — Edward streamlined labor monitoring and reporting by graphing key labor indicators and giving managers clearer visibility into metrics, like paid hours per unit, top overtime-earning employees, and overtime compared to patient volume.


Labor cost reductions — Edward was able to keep a much closer eye on workforce utilization and thus maximize labor spend. Information INSIGHTS generated from the data helped managers isolate costly issues—ranging from under-staffing in the housekeeping department to misaligned nursing schedules in the emergency department.


Better Planning — INSIGHTS’ reporting capabilities enabled Edward leaders to see at-a-glance productivity trends, future problematic areas, and identify action plans for heading off the problems before they occurred.


Watch video — Healthcare executives talk about the benefits of having the data they need in one common language, in one system, on their desktops to budget faster, quickly correct variances, analyze and share data, increase accountability, and make better, evidence-based decisions every day.


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