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Feedback from the Front Lines

At Ingalls Health System in Chicago, inefficiency and duplicated effort were draining operating funds and straining staff resources. Reporting delays and redundancies made it possible for costly problems to go undetected. Now with INSIGHTS, healthcare productivity reports are available almost as soon as payroll closes—no more waiting for monthly financials. Fresher data allows faster response and more immediate impact on productivity and the bottom line.


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Measuring Productivity

Measuring productivity can be laborious. Some institutions, however, collect, report, and assess data down to the employee and pay code level in seconds. Can your system do that?

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Success Stories

Financial executives at dozens of leading hospitals and healthcare organizations have experienced dramatic success with INSIGHTS.

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Through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment, Healthcare Insights, LLC has achieved Gold Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network.

INSIGHTS® Core Capability: Reporting and Scorecards

Available to all users on demand from the desktop, INSIGHTS® paperless reports are generated in minutes and distributed digitally, so everyone with fiscal responsibility is up-to-speed and armed with the data to make decisions.


In its standard configuration, INSIGHTS includes myriad reporting options, plus integrated business-decision support analysis.


Discover and respond to variances immediately

One of INSIGHTS primary reporting tools, Variance Alerts are automatically generated and distributed to let managers know when they deviate from budget or goals. Fully customizable to any alert parameter, these exception-driven reports provide the rich data access, simple desktop analytic tools, and deep drill-down capabilities needed to identify and investigate discrepancies independently and take quick corrective action.


Get a clear picture of financial and operational performance

With the deepest drill-down to detail capabilities available anywhere, INSIGHTS Financial Reports include: Financial Monitoring, Financial Planning, Operational Budgeting, Capital Budgeting, Labor/Productivity, and Operational Monitoring with Scorecards.


Select from a vast library of report templates

INSIGHTS comes with a library of more than 100 templates for Standard Reports—based on Microsoft Reporting Services. Covering areas such as alert management, labor management, budgets, capital items, plant ledgers, account detail, human resources, and more, standard reports are available with electronic search functionality and can be exported automatically into other software applications.


Choose the display options that work best

Most INSIGHTS reports include on-demand graphic display in a variety of graphic formats. In addition, reports can be presented as easy-to-use and understand Scorecards.


Scorecards: Benchmark performance against industry standards

As part of its reporting capabilities, INSIGHTS also features a standard scorecard to help hospitals benchmark financial performance against industry metrics. For analytic purposes, INSIGHTS uses the top 11 key financial performance indicators collected annually by HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association) and from the major reporting agencies, including Standard & Poor’s, IGENIX, Fitch, Thomson, Data Advantage, and Premier.


PLUS Create custom reports when needed

If the Standard Reports library does not include a report to meet a specific need, HCI can build additional reports to licensee specification. During the first year of INSIGHTS operations, customized report formats can be created without additional cost to the licensee.