Labor Productivity


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At Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District in California's Imperial Valley, INSIGHTS' higher quantity and level of output allows labor budgeting and monitoring at the micro level—down to individual FTE position. In addition, bi-weekly payroll summaries trend salary/staffing data—overtime, standby, call-back, double time, etc.—in seconds, putting managers in a position to detect variances, determine causes, and take immediate action.


Analyze your hospital's labor productivity

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Read how a data-driven action plan and the right tools can increase workforce productivity, improve employee satisfaction, and deliver cost-effective care.

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Financial executives at dozens of leading hospitals and healthcare organizations have experienced dramatic success with INSIGHTS.

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Through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment, Healthcare Insights, LLC has achieved Gold Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network.

INSIGHTS® Core Capability: Labor Productivity

INSIGHTS® is the only software solution that provides robust information all the way down to the individual employee level, plus desktop access to sophisticated analytic and reporting tools.


Bring labor allocation and expenditures in line with goals by accessing micro-level data and an effective reporting format that enhances understanding and accountability and allows for rapid modifications.


  • Integrate staffing assessment, position control, labor productivity, and labor expense budgeting
  • Combine pay-period information with volume data
  • Generate reports specific to job level, unit level, employee level
  • Compare department payroll against volume indicators and budget
  • Get average rate of pay and immediately see scheduling problems


Investigate labor issues and take appropriate action

INSIGHTS helps managers monitor and manage labor productivity and more accurately forecast staffing needs compared with projected volumes. They can match the department's actual labor costs with standard costs, measure productivity against internal and external benchmarks, and better understand—and respond to—the factors responsible for variances.


Accurately calculate and control labor costs

INSIGHTS enables manager to track department workload units—down to the employee and pay code level—and assess performance on a pay-period or even daily basis. Most important, they can see exactly how well labor is being managed in relation to organizational objectives, optimize the number of worked and paid hours in relation to the units of service produced, and quickly bring labor expenditures in line with actual volumes and staffing goals.


Did you know?

In today's health care environment, labor expense typically exceeds 50 percent of a healthcare system's annual budget. Having the tools to accurately analyze staffing levels and staffing ratios is key to managing resources and controlling costs.