Long-range Financial Planning


Feedback from the Front Lines

"INSIGHTS increased my proficiency with financial data. I quickly, confidently make decisions affecting our business."

—Rachel Reiman, Director of Rehabilitation Services, Fremont Area Medical Center

"We were able to use our INSIGHTS long term financial plan and export it directly into the working budget. ...It was literally seamless, and we found it had given us a much better draft than what we'd been preparing in the past. ...Our managers made the least number of changes ever."

—Larry Vaughn, Vice President Corporate Finance, Commonwealth Health System


See into your future as a dynamic healthcare environment with the ability to set enterprise-wide direction for both operational and capital goals.

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Success Stories

Financial executives at dozens of leading hospitals and healthcare organizations have experienced dramatic success with INSIGHTS.

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INSIGHTS® Enterprise Edition: Long-range Financial Planning

INSIGHTS® Enterprise Edition Long-range Financial Planning meets the comprehensive financial and capital planning needs of hospitals and health systems charged with continuously improving financial performance.


Every iteration of Enterprise FP is custom-built to each enterprise's unique operational realities, competitive conditions, and forward-looking development plans, as well as calibrated to provide the exact level of detail desired. The end-result is a one-of-a-kind strategic financial planning tool that's immediately suitable for execution (e.g., budgeting) not just high-level thinking.


  • Better evaluate and quantify risk
  • Quickly view plan-to-budget-to-actual comparisons
  • Understand effects of changing numbers on plans and make immediate revisions
  • Assess the impact of individual project decisions
  • Focus appropriate resources to achieve goals
  • Control finances, contain costs, and prevent fiscal surprises


Improve outcomes today; optimize opportunities for tomorrow

Enterprise FP offers tight integration with INSIGHTS "what if" planning, budgeting, reporting, and monitoring tools and incorporates Forecast Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statements. Build assumptions and calculations once, then simply fine-tune for each subsequent use. Financial plans developed in Enterprise FP are budget-ready and include the capital structure of the organization, both budgeted and actual capital, projections of future net revenue, and projections of future labor costs.


Plan from 12 months to 20 years into the future

Users have the option to create a brand new plan for the number of periods or years projected—from a single year up to 20 years—or to copy and modify an already existing plan with just a single click.


INSIGHTS Project Linker

INSIGHTS Enterprise FP is project-based, so each specific project has its own plan that can be added or removed as desired. Planners can build multiple financial planning projects at any level of detail desired and then combine or group both detailed and high-level projects in any combination. INSIGHTS Project Linker connects projects to underlying assumptions, measures, debt, capital, payor mix/collection rate, etc.